„To keep our soils and vineyards healthy and sustainable is our task!“


Making wine requires a careful mix of craftsmanship, artistry, experience and instinct. Modern technology is helpful, but so are good timing, feel and premium materials. While wood and stainless steel shape our wines, our own distinctive style provides the final polish

“Making wine is our grand passion – every day of working in the cellar brings excitement and challenges.“


Whether developed in stainless steel or aged in wooden barrels, we love white wine because he is so versatile. From classic regional varieties as Scheurebe or pinots to international stars as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay we offer a wide range of white wines. Over 60% of our vineyards are white.


Fully ripened grapes, selective harvesting, gentle processing, aging in old oak cask or new barrique — that is how we make our reds. Frühburgunder and Spätburgunder, Merlot, Regent, Dornfelder, Cabernet Sauvignon and many more. The range goes from fruity and light up to powerful and aged. We have reds for every taste. 

„We love red wines because of their complexity.“