„Our roots grow deep in Bechtolsheim – this is our home!!“


Our town is our home. Surrounded by wine at the foot of the Petersberg, this is an amazing place to live and work. During their time, the Romans established four country estates here. Bechtolsheim later became a Franconian farm. Our family has been engaged in viticulture since 1721.


The earth is our canvas. It lends the wines their minerality, power, structure and typicity. When we capture the taste and character of the soil, then we feel we have done our job.

Our wines grow in a highly diverse set of soils created from the primal Ur-ocean. Loess, loam, shell-limestone, marl and various stones… the soil lends the grapes much of their profile and character.


There is something magical about our Petersberg. The remains of an old basilica sit up on its highest reaches. But the views stretching out across Rheinhessen, from the Donnersberg to the Taunus Mountains, are true nirvana for anyone willing to brave the climb to 264 meters above sea level.

Most of our wines grow on the slopes of the Petersberg, giving us a truly special relationship with this particular patch of earth. The unique microclimate and many individual parcels have turned the hillside into its own truly distinct winegrowing region.


The largest winegrowing region in Germany. No region stands for diversity like the area between the Great Wine Capital Mainz and Worms. Grape varieties, soils, or winemakers abound in Rheinhessen. 

From cool climate regions like the Rheinhessen Switzerland to sandy soils in Ingelheim, to the Red Slope and the top locations of the Wonnegau. Origin and terroir are playing an increasingly important role for us. 

In addition, Rheinhessen offers a lot in terms of tourism: exciting cities, wonderful  landscapes, culinary and cultural highlights, and of course the people with their unique hospitality.